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Hybrid Equipment Auction Empty Hybrid Equipment Auction

Post by HCORE on Sat May 02, 2015 7:21 am

Hello Fellow TWers,

As you are probably aware we as a holding have been farming the Alien Invasion Vessels "Dagon, Baal and Moloch" on a biweekly basis now. We have also gained a lot of nice Hybrid gear that I am pretty sure a lot of you want to use. So we have set up a auction where you can bid on it.

Bid with what you ask, simple "Hybrid Points", you gain a Hybrid Point for every kill you attend, including the first failed attempt at killing Dagon.
Your points are recorded here:

On Monday the 3rd at 12PM GMT I will create another Post in which I will have listed all Hybrid gear we have "including the stats and manning requirements" and a link to your point list again.
Said post will be open for 48h in which timeframe you have the choice to bid on whatever Hybrid equipment you which, stating how many points you want to bid on it. E.G.
"HCORE bids 5 on Hybrid Laser" If you bid more points than you have then it will not be counted. You can bid on more than one item but again, the total cannont exceed how many points you have in the first place.

HCORE out.


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