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Post by VandalayIndustries on Fri Feb 20, 2015 5:04 pm

Just letting everyone know of a service I provide to members.

For the mats alone, no fees, no markups... I will make anything on the following list

9k bast, 15k carb, 20k elect, 14k foss, 12k fres, 15k sil, 60k tit

9k bast, 9k elect, 6k sil, 10k Tit

12400-4 engine
2k bast, 3k carb, 5k elect, 2k foss, 2k fres, 3k sil, 6k tit

HC10 cargo
1k bast, 2k carb, 5k elec, 500 foss, 2k sil, 8k tit

Scouts, L7 Cargos, 62/53-2 engines etc...
Say in holding chat.... VANNNN Can I please get a ______


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